Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

We have five machines available that provide large format reproduction of many standard architectural and engineering formats as well as unconventional sizes as needed.

11×17, 12×18, 18×24, 22×34, 24×36 30×42, 34×44, 36×48 42×72 standard sizes.  Available in color or black and white.


Small Format Printing

Smaller Printing

We print 8 1/2 x 11 in color and black and white. We can combine your manuals or presentations, and provide a number of card stock colors and weights as well as transparencies and sticky back copies. We work with Word, Excel and Power Point files in addition to regular printing files like .pdf, .jpg, etc.



 Scanning Capabilities

Image Scanning

We can take your hard copies and turn them into electronic files. We can provide PDF, TIFF, and JPEG file formats. We can burn your files to a CD or thumb drive or E mail them directly to you. We can provide color or black and white scans in high or low resolution depending on your needs.



 Print Materials

Print Materials

We have a wide variety of materials to print to including: Vellum, Mylar, Tyvek, several different weights of Bond, Waterproof, Backlit, Clear Transparency, Poster Paper and Photos in Glossy, Satin or Semi-gloss.






We have the ability to laminate and mount your large prints to create the perfect presentation for your business. We can laminate up to 38 inches wide by as long as you need with a 3 mil UV rated material.
We can even mount your project for you on 3/16 foam core or gator board for durability.