Oregon Game Management Hunting Maps


Bend Mapping has the greatest variety of maps in Central Oregon with over 3500 maps in stock. Whether you are wandering the wilderness or planning a serious excursion, make part of your preparation a visit to Bend Mapping and Blue Print and browse our selection, you’ll find a map to help you create the outdoor experience you’ve been looking forward to. Be safe on your adventures and remember: smart phones don’t get service everywhere.

Featured Maps: Oregon Game Management Unit Maps


This extensive full color atlas by Base Image is an outdoorsmans or hunters dream come true.


“The Facing Page Atlas pairs the latest available NAIP aerial imagery with the corresponding USGS topographic data to give you the best view of the facts on the ground. Projected at a scale of 1:31,680 (1″ = 1/2 mile), the atlas is zoomed in several times further on its area of coverage than competing printed maps. That means you can see more of everything – more ponds, intermittent springs, and meadows; more hiking trails, BLM roads, and Forest Service fire roads; more buttes, bluffs, and tighter elevation contour lines. In short, more of the details that make this particular patch of the American landscape so unique. Combine all this with our 3D shaded-relief effects, extensive color enhancements and crisp aerial imagery , and you’re looking at one of the most engaging and informative atlases available. Whether your hiking, hunting, biking, fishing, snowmobiling, or just out wandering, this is the map for you.”

Base Image


The Atlas Includes:

  • Tick marks for use with GPS positional devices displayed along map borders in: Degrees/Minutes/Seconds, Digital Degrees, and UTM Grids
  • Hiking trails and snowmobile routes
  • Campgrounds and Recreational points of interest
  • Labeled Forest Services and BLM roads with updates closure locations
  • Springs, streams and lakes
  • Administrative boundaries showing public lands
  • Current magnetic declination on all pages

Enhanced Overlay Legend Includes:

USGS Topographical Digital Raster Graphic Legend Includes:

Bend Mapping Also Carries:

  • National Forest and BLM Maps
  • Ranger District and USGS Quad Maps
  • City, County, State, and World Maps
  • Hiking and Mountain Biking Trail Maps
  • National Parks and Recreation Maps
  • Game Management Unit Maps
  • Central Oregon, State, and World Atlases
  • We also have map tools and map pins.

Custom Aerial Maps

We have a large archive of local aerial photography dating back to 1979 all the way to 2006. We can also contract spot flights for any part of Oregon, as needed.